Monday, July 22, 2013


There is a new bed and breakfast not too far from us that had their open house yesterday. It was a nice little outing for a Sunday afternoon. Isn't this cute and I love the porch. This house was moved from town on a crazy curvy two lane road-I would have been a nervous wreck if I was the owners!
A perfect spot to curl up and read or day dream. Love the soft old rag quilt.
There were wonderful little vignettes like this one all around-each told it's own story about a family member.
Who would have thought to use a wood heater as an end table?
They were serving lemonade and tea cakes in the dining room-which I think is THE PERFECT thing to serve in the summertime. The tea cakes were delicious, wonder if I can get the recipe? If any of you are  visiting here in Central Mississippi, I am sure you would enjoy stopping for a visit. Check out their web


Shellie Watson said...

I absolutely love your blog! Thank you SO much for putting Clyde and Marie's in the spotlight! I enjoyed meeting you so much and I hope to see you again soon! I am so glad you enjoyed the teacakes! We are going to put the recipe on the website - hopefully today! My grandmother, Marie, love getting new recipes and sharing her recipes! I am so glad to share this recipe with you and others that may want to do some baking!

Kara said...

what a great spot. Everything looks so lovely.

Lea said...

What a beautiful old house!
So glad to see it get a new life as a Bed and Breakfast.
Have a wonderful eday!
Lea's Menagerie

Carol said...

Wow, what a neat little place!

Just wanted to thank you for visiting my post about What's for Dinner? Spaghetti squash is more a winter squash than summer variety, but we have them available in stores most of the time. The inside really does fluff up in neat shreds when it's cooked.

Lady Di Tn said...

Since Puppy is not using the wood stove at the cabin, I may have to make an end table out of it in the family room. I love old houses with what we call gingerbread trim. Also, the crochet table top on the table looks like it belongs in such a home. Peace