Tuesday, April 8, 2014


This is the Oaks House in downtown Jackson. It is owned by the  DAR. I could move in here-it feels like you are visiting Grandma's house-it even smells like Grandma's house.I love those arches made between the columns. I sure want to go by in the summer and see if they have planted anything on them.
This house was built in 1853 and this was their refrigerator. It kept the dairy and other foods cool during the summer.
I love the inside .
The cistern, where their water was stored.
Small herb/vegetable garden in side yard. I am sure this was much larger when this was a four acre working farm. Now it is in the middle of Jackson. I am glad to see thst the plantings in the yard /garden are true to the photographs taken of the house in the 1800's. A great place to visit.

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Lady Di Tn said...

My SIL lives in Jackson and I never heard her say anything about the Oak House. I must ask her about it. Now all that porch needs is some potted ferns and a swing. Then we could sit there and enjoy a glass of lemonade or sweet tea. Peace