Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Do any of you watch the immensely popular Duck Dynasty on A&E? I am so addicted to this show.! I could care less about duck hunting-or hunting of any kind, but this show is so much more. It is funny and family oriented and they end each show with the family and friends around the table praying before eating. I am so proud of A&E for putting on a show with such good family values. I recently took a trip over to West Monroe, Louisiana where the show is filmed and had to do like all the other tourists and get my photo taken in front of the warehouse.
This was hanging on the wall of the store, which was so packed you could not move. I say just order what you want from the A&E online store!Of course I checked out lots of other sites, since I was staying overnight. I love this wall along the Ouachita River that runs through the town. There are many beautiful old homes and the Biedenharn Museum and Gardens, which I have already shared photos of. And oh my the Louisiana seafood!  And of course you know I had to check out the old cemeteries. I am ready to go back-I love Louisiana!
One of the lovely old homes.
Desaird Bayou.


Paula@SweetPea said...

What a fun place to visit! If I were in the area, I'd go for sure. We love Duck Dynasty!!

Did you see Si's poodle? It's the father of a poodle in my neighborhood. That's my only DD connection!

Lady Di Tn said...

WE LOVE THE DUCK DYNASTY HERE ON THE HILL. YOU LUCKY GIRL GETTING TO RUN LOOSE IN WEST MONROE. It is a refreshing show and has something for everyone. Also, the Christian values hang high and makes for good influence in this violent infested world. If you need a laugh just watch DD. Peace

xinex said...

No, I have not watched the show, Vickie and I had no idea it was just filmed in Monroe. We used to go to Monroe to shop but I have never gone around town. It's loks beautiful!....Christine