Monday, July 26, 2010


Today I am joining smilingsally for her Blue Monday post. This is a practice painting I did a while back, by practice I mean trying to keep the lines straight as I was doing the house- I can't draw a straight line with a ruler! Also practice on blending colors. I am sure if you visit  you will find more interesting items than this to look at.


Auntie E said...

It look very nice. I like house like that. Reminds me of my youth.
My Blue Monday link for you

SmilingSally said...

I think you have a real talent.

Happy Blue Monday.

LV said...

I think you are doing very well. I would not even attempt such a thing. The house has just the right touch of blue for today.

Manang Kim said...

This painting is beautiful!! Love it!

Barnyard Express

Ann - making fun family memories with childrens toy tea sets said...

Oooh - so very pretty. Thanks for a delightful Blue Monday. :) :) :)