Wednesday, July 21, 2010


This week has been one for the record books! Both good and bad. Last Thursday the hub and I celebrated 25 years together. When I came home that night, these were hanging on every surface in our house-with personal messages atA the bottom-won't show you those! I would marry him all over again! Then on Saturday we had to put our beloved Angel to sleep- I can't talk about that too much. Sunday was my birthday and friends trook us to lunch-we had a onderful time. When we got home the hub was cleaning out a gutter and started sweating profusely and having chest pains- but he would not listen to my pleadings to go to the ER-said he would gop to the doctor the next day. Well he awakened me from sleep about 11:30 that night. He was sweating again and clutching his chest and moaning. I immediately started throwing on clothes and got him up as soon as he could catch his breath and took him to the er. We live right around the corner from the hospital, I figured I could get there before the ambulance could get to our house. They did lots of tests and at three sent him by ambulance to THE MED. i FOLLOWED-ALONE IN THE FOG AND RAIN-gOD WAS WITH ME, SO i WASN'T TOO SCARED. they were afraid he was going to have another heart attack so they stabilized him and by noon he was having a stent put in. He is doing great! I swear they could cut your head of now a days and send you home the same day! He came home yesterday and seems his old self. I on the other hand am a wreck! If you ever have an emergency I am the one to call- I am so calm and know what to do- but after it is all over- I cry and fall to pieces.Which is just what I did last night.
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xinex said...

I am so sorry, Vicky for whathappened but I am glad dh is ok. He is so sweet! I am glad you took him to the hospital. Belated Happy anniversary and birthday....Christine

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad your DH is doing better now. What a scare!!!!!!!!!!!!! And happy belated birthday.


P.S. thanks for looking for me;-)

Jen said...

It's exhausting just reading about it all! What a rollercoaster! Happy Anniversary, Happy Birthday, and happy, healthy recovery to you!