Sunday, February 21, 2010


Well the hub came home sick last week with two prescriptions for TAMIFLU, one for me and him, our doctor knew I would get it also. Anyway he was still sick as the proverbial dog and I have been fine . I feel kind of like I am taking a regular old cold today- hope it is nothing. I HATE BEING SICK! We have both worn face masks and all of my brass doorknobs have turned green from spraying them with Lysol. Will this winter never end?
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Anonymous said...

Sure hope your husband feels better real soon, and that you DON'T get sick. I hate being sick too, especially my stomach.


Jen said...

Oh no! Was it swine flu? I hope you're both feeling okay. I never got Charlie's flu, either, thank goodness, even though the doctor was sure I would. Y'all rest and be well!