Sunday, January 3, 2010

Blue and white

Thought I would show some of my blue and white that I collect. I don't usually like blue, except in dishes and vases. This is just a small sample of what I have. I will be showing more, later. The Gary Walters[another Mississippi artist] painting goes perfectly with the ones in the old china cupboard I bought years ago at an antique store in Memphis. Do you know what the finials are on the mantel? They are finials from a huge rice bed, I bought them at a flea market for fifty cents each! The people had already sold the bed they went to[I would probably have fainted ,if I had asked how much-probably ten dollars or something!] I think the mantel needs something, I just haven't figured out what . It may be totally different by tommorow.
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Angela said...

Hi. Came over after you left a comment on my blog. Glad to find your blogs. Love what you did with an old picture frame and the ideas on your Master Gardeners blog for decorating in the garden during the holidays. I also I love your blue and white in this post. Very creative ideas all around. Glad to be a new follower as well. Merry Christmas.