Thursday, December 31, 2009

Seasonal Addiction

I think I have a seasonal addiction. It would be a year round one, and I would be ROUND, but in our town the only time I see these in the stores is Christmas and Valentines. So I just buy them through the holidays and then when they mark them down after the holidays, I buy all they have! At first I eat them like crazy, but when the stash gets low I have to start rationing[is that spelled right?] And I also discovered they have some with liguid caramel inside.Oh Joy! The only other thing I might be-o.k. am addicted to is McDonalds sweet tea.! I need to change my habits-no?
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Lady Katherine said...

Yes, I did after begging and begging that is where my husband left me a few weeks after surgery and went looking for where the New Tractor Supply was to be. I bought the little Gingerbread girl and boy bowls there. I asked a man that worked there if he knew, thought it would get me out of trouble for staying in there so long, lol If he knew where it was. I was about to drop and the employees kept coming up to me asking if I was OK. Then last week I begged as we went to Forest Walmart to stop in and get a few of the platters. I so wanted 12 but they only had 8 so I bought four of the small platters. We have to live near each other. I am 18 miles west of Forest City limit sign. I live out in the country.

Lady Katherine said...

Email me at I will tell you where I live.

Bethany said...

I have never heard of those before...I'll have to look for them!