Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Do you have a favorite cookbook? I can't pick just one! I have 192 cookbooks, and I don't know how many cooking magazines and pamplets. I love to take a good cookbook to bed and read it like a novel. I would have to say that the ones above are the ones I read and use most often. All of these books are by Mississippi authors and they all live in the Delta. You should try these they are all fabolous! The one entitled BEING DEAD IS NO EXCUSE is so funny, it is all about funeral food. And you might ask, what is so funny about that, all I can say is pick up a copy you will be hooked. SCREEN DOORS AND SWEET TEA has lots of recipes and stories from the authors Pluto Plantation- great read! BUTTERBEANS TO BLACKBERRIES has some wonderful southern recipes.
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Bonnie said...

I love cookbooks but lately haven't referred to that many since I use the internet so much more now when searching for something in particular.

The best one that I refer to all the time is Southern Sideboards by the Junior League of Jackson. I received it for a wedding gift 18 years ago and I just love it!