Monday, December 28, 2009

Are you tired of the Holidays?

Are tired of the Holidays? I am, I don't mean Christmas and the real meaning of it, just all of the food and shopping and rushing about. I am just ready for the calm days of January. Today I wanted to show two simple flower arrangements to brighten your day. The first one I did for our church service last night. It is so simple, just pine, cedar,aphidistra leaves and a $5.00 bunch of lillies from Wal Mart. As much as Wal Mart drives me crazy, I do have to say they have the best flowers around and the cheapest. If you use the packet of conditioner that comes with each bunch, and keep them in a cool room, they will last at least three weeks! The next picture is of our church last Easter. The cross arrangement on the wall is made of styrofoam, if you can beleive it! It is stained and carved and really liiks like a wooden cross. I just put english dogwood, azaleas, and ivy gathered from my garden on it. I think anybody can do a great flower arrangement with just a few flowers, if they pick lots of different textures of greenery and then put in a few special flowers. Try it.
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