Friday, March 29, 2013


On a recent visit to Louisiana we passed thru Delhi, a lovely small town. These photos are from a downtown park.
The park is located between two buildings on main street and has picnic tables and a water feature. What a nice place to have lunch!
These paintings are
on the walls of one of the buildings and are just fabulous.

It seems like you could just strike up a conversation with this lady.
Or this guy.
This is a view of the park from the street. Even though I live in Mississippi, Louisiana will always have my heart. I wish I had started very young exploring it-there are so many fascinating places in this state. Please go visit if you get the chance. I am sorry for some reason Google or Blogger or whoever will not let me enlarge the rest of these photos-hope you can.

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Mary said...

Those paintings are very good, I love Louisiana. We're taking a trip to NOLA in June...we've been going there for years. If we miss a year or so we get homesick.