Monday, October 29, 2012


How about a last look at my Halloween decorations before they come down.We had a carnival at the church Saturday night , so now I am so over Halloween-ready to move on!
A shot of the mantel with the ravens and even a buzzard. I may keep the white pumpkins out for Thanksgiving.
Cute little mercury glass votives.
The great grand with great grandpa at the church carnival. GGP was John the Baptist-I think.We episcopalians do know who he is. I am joining Marty for Tabletop Tuesday.


Babs said...

I'm so ready for Halloween to be over, too. I was ready about a week after I put up my decorations..what little there was. Your mantel looks really good. I gave up on mine and didn't post it. I never got it to look the way I wanted.
GGP looks impressive as John the Baptist. :)
I'll bet y'all had fun at the church carnival.

Dorothy said...

I guess I'm just a dud, but I save all the trouble and don't do anything for Halloween:-) We live out in the country and never have 'trick or treaters'.

The Japanese Redneck said...

Those are the neatest bottles with their old looking labels.

xinex said...

I love that, Vicky. My favorite is the chemistry solution, the acid jar..... Christine