Sunday, July 15, 2012


After church today the hub and I went out to lunch and then just riding around exploring. We ended up here at Dwellings- a really cute store owned by another blogger. Check out  and  This is such a cute store, look what I bought.
I bought a couple of these raggedy quilt squares. They were using them as place mats, so I will too. In fact I just bought some cute blue and white dishes that will look great with these.

I love the fact that they were just cut from an old quilt and are raggedy on the edges-so cute. I am going to have to visit this store again without the hub. Now he would not have cared if I had bought everything in the store, but I can't look with him talking and showing me stuff. I like to go through the whole store and then go back to things that have caught my eye and ponder on them. Do you do that? Well sometimes I just snatch and grab-like in a shoe store! LOL! If you ever find yourself on highway 49 in Flornce , Mississippi you need to stop and visit.


Angela McInnis said...

I am so delighted that you stopped to visit! I am just sorry that I wasn't there... I guess you saw the big hot mess on "my side" of the store...I am having a counter built and am shifting everything in preparation! Please, come back anytime, I would love to meet you personally!!

The Japanese Redneck said...

Those are cute!

racheld said...

If Chris and I hadn't been out together all day celebrating our anniversary, I'd SWEAR he was in Dwellings with YOU! He also would not care I bought the lot, but really, really wants me to come see THISSS, You'll Love It.

Those are wonderful guys to have, aren't they? I know Florence well, at least of bygone days---haven't really traveled in MS in about 20 years.

Lady Di Tn said...

That looks like something I would love to explore very slowly so I would not miss anything. Peace

CAS said...

That is such an adorable way to use an old quilt! I love making quilts, but the old ones have so much character. Thanks for sharing!