Friday, February 3, 2012


I wondered where these serving pieces had  gone. I was cleaning out kitchen drawers and found them,so they got polished and are going back in the silver chest.
I love this pattern, Rogers Brothers Heritage.-or Heritage Rose as I have heard it called.
Don't you love it when you find something that you have been looking for?


The Japanese Redneck said...

My kitchen drawers are like a black hole!

Dorothy said...

Beautiful serving pieces! Yes, it's like finding buried treasure!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Love that pattern too, it is beautiful. Gorgeous pieces. Yes, I hate to misplace something. Drives me nuts. Hugs, marty

racheld said...

Yes, if only for the rarity of the moment. I pretty well KNOW where all the silverware is---it's in four or five GALLON- Ziplocs in various shades of tarnish, from several past holidays.

And you have a Tomato Slice!! That's what we always used to put on the table with the round little cylinder of Ocean Spray (on a little special-shaped dish) back when you could open both ends and slide it neatly out.

Finding things---wonderful lagniappe. I'm just lucky to locate one pair of glasses at a time.


xinex said...

How beautiful! Glad you found them and now can put them into good use. I can imagine how much you want to start gardening too. I get nervous thiking of how much I have to do when I get home. John said it will take me week just to open packages, went on an uncontrollable shopping spree while I away, lol...Christine

Traci said...

I love your new header, it is really pretty and delicate but I miss the picture of your puppy.

Blondie's Journal said...

These are so pretty...I'm glad you found the,! I need serving pieces and I have been scouting etsy shops for them.


Lady Di Tn said...

Beautiful pattern. Don't pack it away. Use it. We do all the time and I get out the good glassware too. Peace

Debbiedoo's said...

I have been organizing lately just so I can find things a little easier, yes it drives me crazy! Love your silver pieces, they are so pretty.