Saturday, May 21, 2011


I recently met a friend in Kosciusko, Ms for a girls day out. Of course we went shopping and out for lunch, but we also had to visit the city cemetary. We love old cemetaries-they have such beautiful old monuments. Are we weird? Anyway this cemetary has a famous monument-a life size statue. The story is this lady died and her husband had this life size-look alike statue built so he could look out his upstairs window and see her everyday. Well he remarried later and I wonder what the second wife thought about looking out the bedroom window and seeing the first wife every day? HMMM!

Aren't these deep shadows cool  and relaxing looking? Especially on a hot Mississippi day. I am joining  for Shadow Shot Sunday.


Jeanette said...

As a second wife, I can honestly say that I bet the second wife of this gentleman wasn't very happy about seeing the statute, ever how beautiful it may be, daily. But, it is better than seeing the first wife in person everyday.
I guess I wouldn't have wanted to live in the house with that particular view.
The statute is beautiful though.
And cemetaries are wonderful sources of history.

Anonymous said...

We have lots of very old cemeteries here (in the glorious Scottish Borders) - but I've never seen such a stunning monument to a departed loved one!!

Angie said...

So Laura was only 38 when she died!! I love old cemetaries too. Very cool shots.

Pat said...

Like those photos! Would like to see more of old cemetaries like this. Nice idea.


HOOTIN' ANNI said...

These lovelies reminds me of Mystic River. Beautiful...I love walking through cemeteries.

Ribbit...hope you can join me sometime today! Happy week.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, this is a bit creepy to me. :)

Karen said...

That is a sweet and romantic story. The statue is quite beautiful. Those are great shots, old cemeteries are really interesting.

Kelly said...

I'm a second wife, too, and I'm not sure I would appreciate that site out my window every morning!! I find cemeteries fascinating. This was very interesting.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

And he put his first wife on a pedestal to boot!


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Carolyn said...

I love old cemeteries as well. This is a beautiful statue!
Have a great week.

Picket said...

Morning girl...the statue is beautiful but girl I don't like cemeteries! lol Thanks so much for coming by hope you have a great day....Picket

STEF said...

It is relaxing. Great pics! Care to visit my post? Thanks and see you around!