Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I RECENTLY ATTENDED THE WING DANG DOODLE FESTIVAL-WHAT FUN- BUT OMG WAS IT HOT! THIS EVENT IS HELD EVERY YEAR AND IT IS A CHICKEN WING COOK OFF CONTEST WITH THE BEST ENTERTAINEMENT. NOW I DON'T EAT WINGS, BUT I DO LIKE THE PERFORMERS. THIS YEAR IT WAS EDEN BRENT . SHE IS A FABOULOUS BLUES SINGER AND HAS WON THE INTERNATIONAL BLUES COMPETITION! homemade jamz also performed. they are a family group of teenagers with much talent- they are also blues singers. all of the booths and competitors have great costumes and cute booths. don't you love the name wing slingers! the group in the lime green are the doo dah girls(AND GUYS THIS YEAR). THEY ARE ALWAYS VERY COLORFUL. I KNOW THE DOODLE BUGS WERE BURNING UP IN THOSE WHITE BOOTS! the sherrifs office had a huge open tent with tables and air conditioning and an enormous t.v. to watch the ball games- they were very popular! I DID NOT STAY TO TERRIBLY LONG- IT WAS JUST TOO HOT, BUT IT WAS GREAT FUN.

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xinex said...

This even sure look like fun. We have the fall pilgrimage going on right now and Balloon Festival is next week so something to look forward too. When was this event, just recently? It's been cool here especially at night....Christine

Marydon said...

Now THIS looks like my kind of fun ... hair hanging down & slapping good times.

Have a great day ~
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon