Sunday, August 15, 2010


sylvia from is always showcasing her dogs, so I thought I would introduce you to one of mine-I have three. Anyway this is Princess Penny merle- my husbands pride and joy- boy does he ever love this dog-and she knows it too! I should have showed her in some of her finery- she has three trunks full! I might do that another day. She can have some of the funniest expressions on her face! I just know that she thinks she is better than my other fur babies because we paid good money for her- the others were rescues- and we love them just as much. Looking at these pics., I think it is time the princess had a manicure! Be sure and visit Sylvia- she is so funny!

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xinex said...

Oh he is cutie, Vicky! Thanks for stopping by and actually, I always have a small camera in my purse all the time....Christine

Traci at ThreeDogsAtHome said...

I have three dogs also, that is why my blog is named "Three Dogs At Home." I try to feature on of my dogs in each post, usually they are hiding in the background. I will have to check of Sylvia's site. Your Princess Penny is adorable and she looks happy snuggling with her dad.
Thanks for sharing.