Monday, July 12, 2010


I WENT TO A GARAge sale this weekend-something i hardly ever do-our town does not have very many good ones. i like estate sales better and for those i go out of town. anyway i was out goofing off and found one and the lady having it said she reads my blog-wow glad someone does! I FOUND THIS BLOUSE AND SWEATER AND I LIKED THE FABRIC SO I BOUGHT THEM TO MAKE PILLOWS. DO ANY OF YOU EVER BUY THINGS LIKE THIS TO REPURPOSE? SOMETIMES ITS HARD TO FIND FABRIC THAT YOU LIKE OR THAT ISN'T TOO EXPENSIVE AND THIS IS A GREAT WAY TO GET FABRIC ON THE CHEAP. THE PILLOWS WERE OLD ONES THAT I WAS TIRED OF, SO THAT WAS FREE. I REALIZE I SHOULD HAVE IRONED THE PLAID SILK, BUT NO WORRIES BECAUSE I HAVE NOT FINISHED THE BACK YET. I LIKE THESE COLORS, BUT WON'T USE THE PILLOWS IN THE SAME ROOM. I AM LINKING TO MET MONDAY at and for her just something i whipped up day.
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Olga said...

I never thought of turning old clothes into pillows. That's a great idea. Yours look cute. Thanks for sharing.