Monday, June 21, 2010


Wow two posts in one day. Well I discovered that Rhondi over at http://www.rhondisrosecoloredglasses is having a porch party today and I just had to join in. I didn't even clean anything up, just ran out before dark and took these shots. I used to be a very sedate person but for some reason this summer I have gone crazy and painted all the outside stuff in wild colors-wonder why? oH WELL, i LIKE IT FOR NOW. nOTICE THE WALL BEHIND THE BAKERS RACK- THE HUB TOOK OUT A RAILING LAST YEAR AND THE WALL IS STILL NOT TOUCHED UP- WELL IT'S NOT GOING ANYWHERE UNTIL i FIND TIME TO DO IT- THAT'S FOR SURE. aND i USED TO HATE PINK FLAMINGOES, BUT NOTICE THEY ARE ON THE TABLECLOTH- HMM- i JUST MIGHT GET A WHOLE FLOCK OF THEM FOR THE YARD. bOY THAT WOULD SHOCK MY FRIENDS! It seems the older I get the more I love to shock people-they don't expect it from me-me being so sedate and cute and all. HEEHEE!

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Dena E's Blog said...

Your table cloth is way COOL Sweetie...Plus I love the greens you have on your porch..
Plus your love of animals too.
Big Iowa Hugs again ~~~Dena

Sailing Simply said...

I like all your bright beautiful colors! It really makes everything much more interesting. Very nice glider too! Your porch looks very welcoming and inviting!

Rhondi said...

I'm glad you joined the party! I love those colors.

jilly said...

I love all the bright colors too!! Looks great.


Jonell said...

Lovely lady you definitely are NOT AFRAID OF it! lol kitchen cabinets are what I call FIESTAWARE YELLOW/of course I would like your colors

Karen said...

I saw this thumbnail and had to click on it. I absolutely love this style of old furniture. I hunted for a short period of time for one just like it for my deck and gave up. Thanks for joining my blog. I don't think Scott Co. is far from Winston Co. We might like to get together for lunch one day.