Friday, June 25, 2010


I am joining Becca for Homeand Family Friday over at http://www.becca-homeiswheremystorybegins/  today. She has a lovely blog, so go visit. Anyway these are two members of my fur family. Angel is the old dog on the sofa and she is very grouchy in her old age-she is trying to bite Bridget's tail-though she doesn't have many teeth!Angel is so old she just stays on the sofa in the den most of the time, so I have three covers that I am constantly changing. My boys think I pay more attention to my dogs than I did them-ha- dogs can't talk back ! Just kidding! All four of my little dogs are a lot of trouble, but I love them all and they are a world of company,since most of my friends live at least three hours away.

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