Sunday, April 25, 2010


Joining heyharriet again for SHADOW SHOT SUNDAY. This is a shot of a sidewalk in Natchez, MS. I love how the dappled shadows show on this sidewalk- just beautiful. Visit heyharritet for some amazing shots from around the world.
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Manang Kim said...

Wow I like the light reflected on the brick and the shadow that surrounds it. Happy Sunday!

Shadow Shot Sunday

Anonymous said...

That´s a nice shadow! :)

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

A redbrick sidewalk—
where does it go? Only the
adventurous know.

Wisdom stone

Kiki said...

Very cool! Love it!
Happy SSS!

Clytie said...

This really is a unique photo. I love the way the shadows are so full that the sun can only peek through in tiny little bits and pieces. Very beautiful.

Happy SSS!

Hey Harriet said...

I love the dappled shadows too! The layout of the bricks is cool! Have yourself a great week ahead!

wanderlust said...

Very cool, I like how you've lined up the bricks.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Nice patterns overlapping each other. :-D