Saturday, March 27, 2010


I am joining Harriet for Shadow Shot Sunday, over at heyharriet. She has a cool photography blog. This is a picture I took in Rankin County. I LOVE old cemetarys- I think because when I was a child I went with my grandfather to his church's cemetary- which was very old. He made sure that the grass was cut and etc. When I lived in Louisiana I took tons of photos of old cemetaries, they have some beautiful ones. It is sad to wonder who these people were and image the lives they lived and wonder why no one keeps their graves neat. I like to think that they like for me to come visit.
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Sweet Repose said...

I had to enlarge to see just what was going on in the photo...I'm still not sure, but it looks like the stones are in quite a disarray...fascinating shot!

Anonymous said...

Wow. I love old cemetaries too! This looks fascinating and love your composition!

Kiki said...

Very cool!

wanderlust said...

It's a beautiful photograph, somewhat lonely, makes me feel introspective. I live in New Orleans and love our old graveyards too!

Barbara said...

I love cemeteries, too. They are so full of lives and histories.