Tuesday, April 8, 2014


PAINT OR DIG: THE OAKS HOUSE: This is the Oaks House in downtown Jackson. It is owned by the  DAR. I could move in here-it feels like you are visiting Grandma's ho...


This is the Oaks House in downtown Jackson. It is owned by the  DAR. I could move in here-it feels like you are visiting Grandma's house-it even smells like Grandma's house.I love those arches made between the columns. I sure want to go by in the summer and see if they have planted anything on them.
This house was built in 1853 and this was their refrigerator. It kept the dairy and other foods cool during the summer.
I love the inside .
The cistern, where their water was stored.
Small herb/vegetable garden in side yard. I am sure this was much larger when this was a four acre working farm. Now it is in the middle of Jackson. I am glad to see thst the plantings in the yard /garden are true to the photographs taken of the house in the 1800's. A great place to visit.

Sunday, March 30, 2014


It will be ten weeks Tuesday since my husband died and while I know my life will never be the same, I am trying to go on. I have found myself becoming a recluse. I do this because every time I go out someone mentions him and I go to pieces. I know they mean well, but I am a Scarlet O'Hara-I have to pretend it has not happened.So, I realized this is not good to isolate myself. Last weekend I went to Natchez for the Spring Pilgrimage-I knew I would not see anyone I knew and it would hold no memories of the past. I would like to share some photos of this wonderful trip.Rosalie below is one of the most beautiful of the many historic homes there.
Stanton Hall is also a beauty. It is amazing to see the wrought iron and millwork on these homes-it would cost a fortune to replicate today. Well, it cost a fortune then, but maybe I mean it would cost several fortunes today!

This is Longwood. It has been sitting unfinished since the Civil War. I have more of this house to share later.
I enjoyed this trip very much and I recommend a trip to anyone who is grieving. In the town I live in the minute some one's husband dies they go on a trip.I have though for years that this was just awful-now I know why they did this. Thank You to the people who have visited and left a comment during my absence.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


My heart is broken. The love of my life, my husband Bobby died of a massive heart attack last Tuesday afternoon ( 21ST). I will be back soon-I have to stay busy to forget.

Monday, January 20, 2014


I very rarely go to garage sales,they seem to be just junk. Around here Estate or moving sales are better. About two weeks ago we were coming from Sunday morning church and saw a moving sale sign. I immediately figured if they were having a sale on Sunday they must be desperate to get rid of things. And was I right.
This lovely chest, made of real wood and with dove tail drawers was-and DON'T HATE ME NOW-$15.00! Yes I could not get my money out fast enough! It is in excellent shape.Not only that but I got a gorgeous antique table that I will share later-just haven't gotten that photo loaded yet. I think moving sales are way better! I am joining Marty for Inspire Me Tuesday at 

Monday, January 13, 2014


I have a hard time decorating after Christmas-I don't want anything that looks Christmasy, yet it can't look like spring just yet. I always seem to fall back on antlers and acorns and my old dog painting. I think this looks like winter-at least in the South.
A lot of people in the South hunt, but my hubby doesn't. These antlers were picked up in the woods on a friends farm.
I love these acorns from Hobby Lobby. I use these fake sedums a lot-they look so real. I am joining Marty for Inspire Me Tuesday at